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04-11-2017 Alison Gresty

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Show Report
Show: Nederlands Kampioenschap 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 04-11-2017
Class: Class A, Class B
Judge: Alison Gresty

                                      The Dutch Obedience Society
                         Netherlands Championship Obedience 2017
As an opening note I would just like to say what an absolute pleasure it was to judge you all. This show being second only to Crufts, the atmosphere was exciting and happy, motivated dogs were in abundance. A super weekend.
Judge: Alison Gresty
Scribe: Jan Tootall
Ring Stewards A & B:- Ellen Reijenga & Hans Bilius
Class A
1st Yvonne Boschung & “Port West Handsome Tayma” (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)
This truly was a first class round, with style and drive from Tayma and very well handled by Yvonne, these two could hold their own with the best. A worthy winner, it was my pleasure to award you first place. Congratulations.
2nd  Chantal Schade & “Corroboree Cairan” (Australian Kelpie)
Very much on par with the winner and virtually the same remarks as the above, but a slight hiccup on return in the down stay denying Cairan the chance to run off for first place. Very well done.
3rd  Claudia Leijs & “Silverwoods Pride Ice” (Border Collie)
Lovely heelwork from Gimmick and beautifully handled by Claudia. Retrieve and scent proving costly for you today, improve on these and you will be at the top of the line up. Well done.
4th  Birgit Funk & “Sporty Springers Jester's Cap” (English Springer Spaniel)
Just loved this team. Capper gave his all today and was a pleasure to judge. First class handling from Birgit but again retrieve, scent and recall taking more points than heel free. Awarded “The Most Promising Dog Trophy” Brilliant.
5th  Birgit Funk & “Sporty Springers Fireworx by Laurin” (English Springer Spaniel)
Birgit once again this time with Laurin. Worked first and set the standard for the day, a hefty loss on retrieve taking it's toll for you but you should be very proud of yourself and your quality of training. Well done.
6th  Oliver Gunther & “Extra Hot Aribibi” (Border Collie)
Zoom by name and Zoom by nature, a super little Collie with attitude and commitment. The ring work and stays were excellent but scent stole top honours from you today. So pleased that you still made the line up, a real pleasure to judge.
Alison Gresty
                                     The Dutch Obedience Society
                         Nederlands Kampioenschap Obedience 2017
Class B
Scent Decoy: Brigitta v. Oevelen
1st Anja de Pagter & “Borders for Joy Make My Day ” (Border Collie)
Maggi producing the best heelwork mark of the class, coupled with a near faultless retrieve and good sendaway. So very nearly blew it on scent but still managed to come out on top. A delight to judge and I was more than pleased to award this team “Top Honours” Congratulations.
2nd Ton v Santen & “Clan of Stork's Jaguar” (Bearded Collie)
Love to watch a Beardie work with commitment and enthusiasm. Fast pace and sendaway were the biggest point takers, but Troy gave of his best and did very well to secure this place. Very well done.
3rd Claudia Leijs & “Silverwoods Pride Ice” (Border Collie)
The heelwork in this class not quite on par as Gimmick's A round with fast pace costing dearly, sendaway and the sit stay also taking a hefty chunk of the total marks lost. Well handled by Claudia and very worthy of gaining this placing. Well done.
4th Yvonne Boschung & “Port West Handsome Tayma” (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)
Yet another super round from Tayma, some inaccuracies in heelwork but nothing that cannot be rectified, laying very handy until scent. I predict a bright future for this team, definitely one to watch.
5th Rineke Smit & “Robberdebobski Ascensionday Present” (Working Sheepdog)
Excellent heelwork from Robbie and Rineke accompanied by a super sendaway, even a messy retrieve was not to keep them well in contention until the stays finally took their toll. I was most impressed by this team and indeed awarded Robbie “The Most Promising Dog Trophy” Onwards and upwards.
6th Carolin Ellerhausen & “Fellowscreek Gingers Red Final” (Australian Shepherd)
Scarlett is a cracking little girl and gives of her all with over enthusiasm causing most of her  mistakes. Sendaway, retrieve and scent were her downfall on this occasion but just loved her attitude. Well done.
Alison Gresty
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