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31-08-2019 Dale Fraser

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Show Report
Show: Axel
Date: 23/02/2019
Class: Pre-Beginners, Beginners, Class C
Judge: Dale Fraser
31st August 2019
Thank you to Ankie and Melissa for the invitation to judge at this very well organised obedience show. No one would know that it was your first time as organisers as it ran like a Rolex! Also another big thank you to Melissa and Jochen for your hospitality and for inviting me to stay at your home and even giving up your bedroom!! I really enjoyed your company and hope to see you again in the future.
The weather was mostly sunny and did get quite hot after lunch. We did all the stays in the morning and they were shaded by some tall trees so that was fine for the dogs.
I was gobsmacked at the extremely high standard of work in both the pre-beginners and the Beginner classes. Without exception, all dogs had great attention and working attitude. This is very encouraging as they are the future of the sport.
A big thank you to my stewards, Melissa in Pre-beginners , Lenie in Beginners, Joop in C and Ellis for being decoy and of course, lovely Jutta who stayed with me all day as my very competent scoreboard steward.
It was lovely to come back here and catch up with old friends and also make some new ones. I really enjoyed everything about my trip here (except the screaming brat in the seat in front of me on the train for the first leg of my journey!) I tasted some local cuisine which was really tasty and the cherry flavoured Belgian beer is something else! Thank you everyone for a lovely show and I hope to be able to see you all again in the future.

The results:
Pre-beginners - 6 entries   Ring Steward  -  Mellissa Vercauter    Scoreboard - Jutta Van Damme
1st  - Nathalie Bommeljé and ZIVA  - Kelpie (F)  Lost 1.75 – Very attentive and accurate dog quietly and confidently handled. Must have a bright future. Congratulations and good luck in the higher classes.
2nd  - Tanja Klose and QWENDOLINE VON DER LIEBENBURG – GSD (F) – Lost 2.75 A beautiful German Shepherd that obviously loved her mum. Very little wrong here. Another team that must surely have a bright future. Very well done.
3rd – Nathalie Forlini and  LOKI – BC (M) – Lost 3.25 Another excellent round. Very little wrong here. Unlucky to meet the above 2 dogs on such good form today. Well-deserved place. Well done.
4th – Martina Klein and PEARL – BC (F)– Lost 6.5 – Mostly big paces hurrying out of turns cost you points today. Well done and good luck in the future.
5th – Martina Klein and ERWIN – BC (M)– Lost 6.75 + 9 in stays. Erwin worked an almost identical round to Pearl and unfortunately fell over in the stays. If you can sort out your turns you will do well.
I also need to mention Tanja’s other gorgeous GSD, NELE VON DER LIEBENBURG who also worked a lovely round but declined to do the stays.

Beginners - 10 entries (9 ran) - Ring Steward  -  Lenie Kasteleijn              Scoreboard - Jutta Van Damme
1st  -  Mieke Kerpel and FRED – BSD Malinois (M) – Lost 4.75  I loved this dog’s attention and attitude. Very little wrong with his heelwork. Retrieve was costly as he ran towards a dog that was just outside the ring but responded the instant he was called and completed the exercise. Excellent handling. Congratulations on this well-deserved win.
2nd – Martina Klein and PEARL – BC (F)– Lost 5 – A big improvement on your pre-beginner round. I think you took my advice and took smaller paces out of turns. Well done on this place and good luck in the future.
3rd – Nathalie Bommeljé and ZIVA  - Kelpie (F)  Lost 6.5 – I think Ziva could have had a higher place if she hadn’t seen her daddy who was filming her. She even tried to take the dumbbell to him! Nathalie’s handling skills gained them this place. Well done. (Leave Daddy at home next time!)
4th – Nathalie Forlini and  LOKI – BC (M) – Lost  8.5  - A steady worker but most points lost today were on your turns. You need to take more time coming out of a turn which gives your dog a chance to keep in position. Well done and good luck in the future.
5th – Tinie Lako and HAWLEY – Beagle (M) – Lost 9 - Amazing to see a Beagle working without his nose on the ground! Keep up the good work. Unfortunately he stopped during heelwork to attend to an itch! Well done on attaining this place.
6th – Noëlla Sermant and O’DAZZLE VAN T’HOF VAN MIRA – BC (M) – Lost 9.75 - Another handler who took big steps out of the turns. If you can sort this out you could be at the other end of the line-up. Also you must not move your feet when the dog presents even if it is crooked. Good luck in the future.

Test “C” 15 entries  13 ran.  Ring Steward - Joop Gijs  Scoreboard - Jutta Van Damme   Decoy - Ellis
1st  - Guus Scholten and HALLIGALLI MOVIESTAR (Coco) – BC (F) – Lost 8 - FAB – U- LOUS!! My comments for the ASSD was WOW, WOW, WOW. So fast and immediate were her responses! The Sendaway, well, an arrow would not have been straighter or more accurate! She had a wiggly bum at the start of the HW but soon settled and apart from that and a missed position at the start of the DC she had a faultless round. WOW again!! Many congratulations to a worthy winner.
2nd - Guus Scholten and OB CH DANESWAY DUET (Gucci) BC (M) – Lost 8.75 – What can I say about Gucci that hasn’t been said already!! He was fabulous (as normal) but today he had to put up with Guus who lost him 6 points for handler errors!! This dog is amazing. Yet more WOWs! Brilliant!
3rd – Mia Bosschaart with ABFAB YUKON (Yukon) – BC (M) – Lost 19.5 - A very nice dog with a lovely attitude. Unfortunately the ASSD was your main problem today. Also overkeen in HW and some of his jumping was quite high! SA was excellent and finished with a clear scent. Well done.
4th – Isabella Van Damme and ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS BIENE (Biene) – BC (F) – Lost 34 - I really liked this lively little dog’s attitude and she attacked the round with relish. Unfortunately she messed up all the ASSD and also missed 2 positions in DC. The rest of the work was very good. Good luck in the future.
5th – Marian De Jong and BORDERS FOR JOY IT’S ME CHARLEY (Charley) – BC (M) –Lost 36.5 - Points were lost in all exercises today except the down stay so some general tidying up needed. Good luck in your future competitions.
6th – Greet Vink and CANDLEWIND TWOSPOTS (Beryl) – BC (F) – Lost 37 – Greet and Beryl worked a very nice round today but unfortunately had a big hiccup in the Sendaway, which, I am told, is usually one of her best exercises. Better luck next time.
I would also like to mention Sandra Noh and DARJEELING’S ONYX (Nox) who worked their last competition today. They were on a very good mark and were lying third until scent. So sorry, Sandra. I hope Nox has a long and happy retirement.
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